Basket & Bag Custom Add Ons

Basket & Bag Custom Add Ons

from 10.00

Add a little extra to your bag! Some items only include 1, 2 or 3 letters in the price. Here you can add additional lettering to complete the monogram you need, spell out a name, skull design, your business name or saying. Select the appropriate add on from the drop down menu.

For any additional questions or assistance with selecting the right option for your bag, please email

Custom Add On:
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How to work add-ons: Select the style bag you would like with either monogram only, or fully personalized with stripes. After you add that basket or bag style your cart come back to this listing to select your add-on option. Choose your add-on from the drop down menu accordingly.

For example, if you want to order a fully customized basket with stripes, you would select that basket and enter the monogram information on that listing. If your monogram/name is longer than letters included, come back to this listing and select the extra letters you need to add. Please make sure I know all the extra lettering information and that you enter it correctly. 

To add a skull to your basket or clutch select either a plain bag style or monogram only option if you would like a monogram on the bag as well. Then come to this listing and select the skull option from the drop down menu and add to your cart.