Answers to some FAQ's or thoughts you may have

4-6 Weeks? Are you serious?

At this time (and likely long term if I can help it) I am the only bag painter, order processor, packer, shipper, emailer etc. etc. Yes I should delegate more, but all my old bosses will tell you they couldn't change that about me. I like to know every detail and be the one accountable if anything were to go wrong. I also am a mom working from home and there are not enough hours in the day or night to paint all I want to paint.

Typically, items will arrive before the time noted but a worst case scenario is better for both parties. Deliveries can be unpredictable, people (toddlers) get sick, life happens and therefore I cannot fully accommodate rush orders. I really appreciate advance purchases for group orders and recommend it for my sake and yours. If my lead time is too long, I am more than happy to refer you to other vendor

Last I checked I didn't order anything from Target, Amazon, Home Depot, or Pottery Barn 6 weeks ago...

Nope, no you did not. However, I like to recycle boxes when possible. Most things will ship in new cardboard boxes but others will not. Why? Well every bag is different. They each vary and sometimes I happen to have a box that just fits a certain item and it's shape perfectly. If that is the case, I will use it and hope you will re-use it again too.

Large group orders in particular are most likely to be shipped in an irregular or recycled box. Baskets are not the easiest thing to pack or find perfect boxes for. Please keep all this in mind.

If a basket is shipping directly as a gift it will be shipped in new-unused packaging.

I really don't like paying for shipping.

Honestly, who does? I try to keep my shipping costs accurate while also keeping my merchandise prices where they are. More often that not you are underpaying for actual shipping costs. Shipping charges are not built in as a courtesy to my local clients, therefore I cannot offer free shipping on a regular basis.

I sent you an email, are you ignoring me?

Definitely not. I am an iPhone addicted millennial too. I check emails often and read them all. Most of the time I am on the go. You will get a response later that night or within 24 hours on a business day. Emails received on weekends will be responded to in the evening or on the following business day. During holidays, response time will be delayed.

Why isn't my USPS tracking number updating?

This is something out of my control and requires patience. If you receive a shipped and tracking notification email, your box will be on its way within 24 hours. If you receive the email after 4pm your package will go out the next business day.

That being said, at time USPS can take a while to update the status of an item. Don't panic and just know your box is on its way. I generally say to not check the status until at least 36 hours after receiving the email.

A great tool to stay on top of your package without having to refresh every 5 minutes is to sign up for USPS text alerts. This is a pretty accurate notification service. You can find it on their website after clicking on your tracking number in your notification email.

Can I see your personalized items anywhere in person?

At this time I have exclusive baskets in Palm Beach at Rapunzel's Closet . They carry two different color combos of the Double Handle basket. The color combinations at Rapunzel's are not available on and are exclusive to their boutique.

I do trunk shows throughout the year and information about them will be sent out via newsletter or posted on my Instagram.

What is Local Pick-Up?

Local pick-up is an option for anyone in the area willing to pickup their purchase(s) free of charge directly from me in West Palm Beach (Breakers West). Call it a glorified drive through. I leave the order on a bench by my front door and you can grab and go.