Pom Poms for Straw Handle Baskets

Pom Poms for Straw Handle Baskets


Through this listing you can add pom poms to any monogram only STRAW/SISAL handle basket. This does not apply to leather handle baskets. Most common addition of pom poms is to the mini basket.

You can add 1 to 3 pom poms. Pom pom colors are limited and you may notice the exact combo you want may be sold out. If that happens, please email me to check future availability/custom order your pom poms.

  • Each Pom Pom you choose must be added to the cart one by one (I know that is tedious but this is the only way to get the order right and keep inventory accurate!)

  • How to order:

    • Select Pom Pom Color ONE (left pom pom)

    • Select Pom Pom Color TWO (center pom pom if out of 3)

    • Select Pom Pom Color THREE (right pom pom)

  • When adding the pom poms to your cart you will be prompted to fill out the form with each pom pom. Please do so correctly so that your order is done to your specifications.

Pom Pom Color:
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  • Pom poms are affixed with glue - not sewn on
  • Pom Poms are not all exactly the same size. They are handmade and will vary slightly.
  • Pom poms will be chosen in the sizes that compliment each other best.
  • If pom pom becomes loose, it can easily be reaffixed with hot glue. 
  • Please know that colors are done in left to right order