Custom Commission Racing Stripes

Custom Commission Racing Stripes

from 55.00

Add custom racing stripes to your very own personal item! This listing is for personal bags to be personalized with racing stripes and a monogram.

  1. Email with a photo of the bag & what you want to done to it. Monogram only|Racing Stripes & Monogram.

    1. I will confirm if I can paint it for you

    2. If bag can be painted by Mariella, you will receive a quote for the customization service

    3. You'll then receive my ship to address information and the option # which applies to your order

  2. Select appropriate option selection from drop down menu

    1. Add to cart

    2. Select Color options and monogram info

      1. If you do not see the color you want, please contact me for custom color options

      2. Colors have changed for 2019 leather & coated canvas bags. The colors on the swatch are Angelus leather paints. If you prefer to match your bag to something exact you have seen on the site or instagram please put that in the comments!

  3. Once package is received, your return shipping will be calculated. You will pay for return shipping once your package is ready.

    1. item will be shipped back in the same packaging it was received

Please read ALL information at the bottom of this page.

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  • Lead times will vary depending on current amount of orders being processed.

    • Please contact me for current lead time

  • Shipping is an additional fee. To avoid excess shipping costs, it is easiest to ship the item from Zara/other retailer directly to me.

  • Please email before selecting this service

  • Disclaimer: While I am as careful, meticulous and OCD as one can be when monogramming, accidents can happen. If it happens on a basket I can usually fix the problem. If a slip/paint spill/paint drop etc. happens on your item I may not be able to 100% fix it. The paints I use are water soluble so mis-haps can be tended to immediately with water, but the chance of a minor stain is always a possibility. Due to this I ask that you use your discretion when thinking of an item to send to me. I will have even more anxiety if it is a pricey designer piece, family heirloom, or one of a kind item you cannot replace. I am good, know that, but I am human and want you to know that too :).